jo͞oˈdiSHəl/ /rəˈvyo͞o/  The process allows individuals to challenge state actions, and ensures that decisions made by administrative tribunals follow the rule of law.

Often, my client will disagree with the decision of someone who controls his or her freedom.
Whether it is a Parole Board decision that you think was unfair or the decision of a Warden that you think is unlawful, I can help you to take these issues to the Federal Court of Canada.

I have represented federal inmates who were:

  • denied medication or proper medical care
  • transferred to maximum security
  • found guilty of a disciplinary offence under the Corrections and Conditional Release Act
  • denied parole by the NPB
  • detained by the NPB
  • placed in segregation
  • attacked by other inmates
  • denied a transfer to lower security
  • denied appropriate rehabilitation